Watch How Nigeria’s Buhari Militarizes Civilian Populace

Emerging trends from Nigeria, Africa’s largest economy, have started worrying investors about the possible resumption of full-fledged violence in the country due to Buhari’s authorization of undemocratic trends among the military towards civilian population.  It will be recalled that previous administrations, beginning from the late Ya’radua and continuing into Jonathan, had made frantic efforts to salvage the society from the rungs of violence.

However, these worrisome trends including indiscriminate detention centers, genocidal tendencies by army and other security personnel, the arrest and brutalization of opposition voices, clamp down on social media usage, and the more obvious, the arrest of Nnamdi Kanu, where the President, on national networks, told the entire world that he was above the courts of justice in Africa’s giant.  The latter has received more critical attention from European countries than elsewhere.

Perhaps the options of sitting neutral are fast waning.  Somebody has to speak sense into the new president of Nigeria.  Going by this space there is even more reasons to worry about the birth of another layer of violence in the country, if nothing is done to stop the current onslaught on civilians.