We campaign and walk the streets, we carry placards in the scorching sun chanting “we want an end to inequality” The truth is our forefathers were victims of inequality, we are victims of inequality, and if care is not taken, generations to come will be victims, but why? Because we have never been equal to elites!

Right from elementary school, the gap is created and straight through tertiary education, it keeps widening. Can you compare a child who attends a well-funded and organized private school to those who attend public schools in society today?

I want to make this comparison as someone who  attended a private school and served in a public school. And even though it isn’t what we want to hear, for this generation, the gap is almost un-closeable.

The conditions of the classrooms are enough to send the children back into the streets!  Broken seats, torn roofs, tattered boards and don’t even get me started on the teachers.

Majority of them are old and frustrated. For starters you cannot get young energetic people as teachers in public schools, why? There is no opportunity for intellectual growth, the pay is insulting and demeaning and to top it off, these teachers have to accept that they will be owed months and months of salary from time to time due to government delays in payment of teachers’ slaries.

And we entrust our children to such teachers… To teach them, to nurture them, to help them grow, to become future leaders and compete with children of the rich who attend quality private schools where they have teachers who are brought in from developed countries and who are specifically trained to be the future.

The gap would therefore continue to be widened! The purpose of every business owner is to make profit. When they have two candidates for the same job, they are inclined to pick the one with the better education, better knowledge and one who is bound to make more money for the organization.

Several reports and articles have opined that Nigeria produces thousands of half-baked graduates everywhere and “majority” of them are not employable! So they wait for the children of the rich who have school abroad to come and fill these positions.

Children  need desks, they need committed and dedicated teachers, they need adequate classrooms, they cannot seat on the floor when writing examinations, libraries should be filled with books and not just tables and chairs.

This is the time for the Nigerian government to take a serious and critical look at the 1% who would rather put their money in yachts and fake businesses than pay for their share of tax that would provide for basic quality public education in this country.

That fair share of tax when used properly will level the playing field for the coming generation, and then we have a chance of bringing the vice of inequality down.

The #PananaPapers are a wakeup call. It is time to stop sleeping. We cannot have so many people  hiding Nigeria’s tax monies in tax heavens and not do anything about it. Read more here

We need solution and by solution I most certainly do not mean aids and grants from the developed countries we have gotten past the stage of begging.

Our lawmakers have hidden huge amounts of money offshore. Money that is sitting dormant. The list is out, what is the government doing about it?