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Dickson’s Bayelsa State Failed to Invest, Industrialize

Investment and industrialization are twin concepts that are often interchangeably used in modern world economic system. Industrialization is the process by which an economy is transformed from primarily agricultural to be one based on manufacturing of goods, where individual’s manual labour is often replaced by mechanized mass production and craftsmen are replaced by assembly lines […]

Bayelsa Business Council (BBC): Another Conduct-Pipe Like BDIC in Bayelsa?

As Governor Dickson inaugurated another 22-Member Bayelsa Business Council (BBC) to formulate polices aimed at attracting local and foreign investors to the State and as well to shore up her revenue base; the question descending minds are asking is; when will the Restoration Administration tell Bayelsans the “Gain-Income, Increase-Capital and Safety of Principal” from the #10bn Bayelsa […]