Why Is Nobody Believing Our President Trump Again?

President Trump has lied so much in this life, so much that even he does not believe himself; he does not believe what he himself says at all. Imagine for a man who is America’s President, struggling to convince us that there are actually shithole countries in this world? That is unbelievable.  Now the entire charade of sincere and hypocritical choruses is all about what: Trump called African countries and Haiti “shithole” countries? Please, give us a break!

What sorts of proofs does any idiot require before they open their eyes to the reality of Trump’s statements? Is it that Trump, due to his history of lies, is no longer qualified or competent to state factually correct statements? Oh, no, sorry Donald Trump: you have mortally exhausted your “lying” quota on earth. I guess that is heaven’s way of punishing the President, so that whatever truth he now utters must be persecuted! What a height at inglorious sense of entitlements!

Take what many Nigerians themselves have determined to be a “sithole” Nigeria for example. The country is currently being ravaged by marauding Muslim herdsman from the north part of the big-for-nothing country, butchering pregnant women, slaughtering little children, beating Boko Haram to the game of barbarity. Does that not qualify as shithole?

In Nigerian, most state governments are unable to pay workers’ salaries for months. These workers are dying on the streets. Many are committing suicide. Now, on this suicide note, did you know that Nigerians used to be ranked “happiest people on earth?” But if “happiest people on earth” are now turning to the suicide noose, does that not constitute shithole?

Perhaps, we need a pocket dictionary to remind us of the definition of “shithole.” No, let’s google it: what is “shithole”? Perhaps that would help our American politically-correct protesters. Trump did not put or recommend that word to the dictionary writers. It is a reality-defining word. Just as America is shithole to a country like Sweden, many other countries are shitholes in the image of America.

You should have noticed that not one person or news outlook has come forward to disprove Trump’s remarks; they have only come forward to show the offensiveness of Trump’s truths.

Be reminded that Trump did not just become a racist president overnight, or by the statement that he recently uttered. Racist America needed a racist President. And Trump is the answer. Trump has never been afraid to show his truest colorful racism. Whether on the campaign rostrum or on a bus tour, Trump sold to us who he actually is: an atypical politician. Commendable is his absolute sincerity in racism.

Trump is the only Christian President to name things the way they are, like Adam! You may still be wondering how we have descended so low to dis-believe an Honorable President Trump, America’s finest and most refined, white supremacist, racist, bigot. It is not fair.